Lessons on succeeding whilst failing to become #1 Product for the Day

On September 30th, we launched Tactiq 2.0 on Product Hunt (check out our meta-product video, we’d ❤️ any support).

Our launch received more upvotes and comments than the product at #1, yet we finished #4 for the day. But we still consider our launch a big success. Here’s why, and what you can learn for your own PH launch.

You know in the movies when the main character gets a makeover then struts down the street? That’s how we feel right now. Because we just released Tactiq’s new look with closed captions hidden. Check it out what else is new in this post.

You get your screen space back

You asked and we listened. We’re super excited to let you know that now when you use Tactiq, you’ll no longer have your screen space invaded by live captions at the bottom. Tactiq now transcribes without displaying Google Meet captions. …

I romanticize learning.

To some extent, we all do. Probably, because it feels good.

Or maybe, because we associate it with status, power, wealth and achievement.

We lionize the great learners and thinkers of the world. Paragons of humanities prowess; Einstein, Da Vinci, Edison, Plato.

My problem is that in…

Amazon knows it. And they’ve mastered it.

Take your hands. Now rub them together. Vigorously. Do you feel that building up? The fire being fed, spreading warmth through your digits. What causes this heat?

Friction. It’s the hidden force blocking your customers from taking action. It’s also the easiest fix.

Sam Holston

Brain-friendly writing about how your brain works. https://www.samuelholston.co/

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